Michael Rosen 

Web Questions
– Find out what important event for Michael happened in 1974.
He was awarded as a Bachelor of Arts.
– Here’s a very short poem. What is its title?
In days of yore verses for children were ever so pretty but nowadays they’re horrid and ugly and set in the city
The title of this poem is “Couplet”
( what do you think the word ‘Yore’ means? Do you agree with the sentiment of the poem?)
Yore: time long past
We totally agree with it. We think that nowadays children spend more time with their devices, locked in their houses than playing outside, having fun with friends.
– What do you think the books ‘snore’, ‘Rover’ and ‘ Oww!’ are about?
Snore is about something that happened while a person was snoring in his sleep.
Oww! is about the reaction that someone made after being hurt by an object.
– Click on one of the ‘ In the media’ pieces and report back to the rest of the class what it was about.
We are going on a bear hunt
His biography
1- What was important about the church?
what was important about the church was that it burned down the day he was borned. And then when he grew old he played on the burnt-out church which was next to his house.
2- Were Michael’s of primary school good ones or not?
Yes, I think that he had a great time and very good memories I can see that through some of the poems he wrote about the primary school for example, “Lunch Boxes don´t fly”, “No breathing in class”.
3- Why do you think Michael wrote so many books about his younger school books?
I think he wrote all those books about his younger schools because he had a great time there and he wanted to remembered everything.


Our teacher Daniela Barra asked us to describeour favorite picture of the summer.


How I miss summer! Those sunny and windy days on the beach, where I could sleep, sunbathe and swim without any problem, where I could meet my friends all day long and meet new people, play the guitar and drink mate watching the sunset. I went to Miramar, a place in which I feel like at home. My friends made this summer the best ever, and this picture shows my happiness. I was taking the picture with one of my best friends while we were singing and playing the guitar in the afternoon, doing our beach routine. This photo makes me want to go back and replay my whole summer! I spent an incredible time in the place I like the most.

Review: The Fault In Our Stars

Our teacher, Pilar, asked us to a review of a movie/book.
If you are looking for a bittersweet and romantic movie you should definitely watch The Fault In Our Stars, an adaption of John Green´s novel. Tears will roll down your face during this highly entretaining movie, even though you´re going to come out of the threatre smiling.
The plot is very involving and it is full of twists. The well-written and tragic script accompanied by the realistic and convincing characters let you live the movie like you are into it.
Hazel Grace is a very smart and cultured teenanger that has cancer, she is forced to go to a cancer support group, where she meets Augustus Waters, a mature and kind youth that knows what it means suffering from cancer, because it happened to him before. They both fall in love at first sight. Hazel has an obsession with a book called «An Imperial Affliction» written by Peter Van Houten, a sharp, disgusting and tactless man. This book that she loves does not have an ending because of the protagonist sikness, that´s why Hazel´s dream is to meet Peter with Augustus and ask him what happens at the end of the book.
Once you watch this incredible movie you´ll never forget it, you are going to be involved during the hole movie. You won´t regret about watching it, you are going to be surprised from the beginning to the end. This movie show us, the audience, that even in pain, hope can be found.

Mike Schofield’s house

Our teacher Pilar asked us to do a description of Mike Schofield’s house.

I had been looking forward to that special night for many months. I had carefully chosen my clothes and was wearing an elegant suit. At six o’clock I knocked at the door. An old tiny woman opened it. She was wearing a sober black uniform and had a soft voice. As soon as I stepped into the dining room, I could feel the whistle of the wind blowing in my face coming from the opened window.
I could percieve the delicious smell of meat that was served in the formal laid table. The living room had luxurious furniture and a chimney that leaded you to a tranquil atmosphere in which you could talk in peace. Coming down the stairs, an elegant lady with her husband welcomed me.
They showed me the way to the breathtaking garden full of exotic flowers quivering in the wind of that delightful afternoon, where I was managed to hear the sound of those birds chirping upon the trees beyond the door made me feel nature coming from my inside and I felt my energy revived too.
By the end of the night I wondered how majestic that house was, full of nice furniture and with an exquisite and impressing garden.

Review of Wonder by R.J Palacio

We had to look for a review of a movie/book that we like. I chose Wonder by R.J Palacio.

When I finally finished Wonder it was hard to stop thinking (not that I wanted to) about how it inspired and refreshed me. The positive feedback covering the inside pages and back cover of my copy could only begin to describe the great emotional journey that is Wonder. It is a book that I can guarantee will leave any reader feeling better.

by R.J. Palacio

«My name is August. I won’t describe what I look like. Whatever you’re thinking, its probably worse.»

August is ten years old and he does the normal things that other ten year olds do. He likes ice cream and riding his bike. He plays ball and has an Xbox but despite 27 operations, he will never look normal.

Things are tough for August and his family too. His protective big sister, Via feels angry when people stare and his parents love him yet cannot help but argue about whether August should go to school.

What were the chances that Auggie’s face turned out the way that it did? The face of a boy who was unlucky enough to get a double dose of a mutant gene that makes him and his family not so ordinary after all.

When August begins at middle school, he is nervous. Not only is he nervous for the same reasons as every other child in his new class but because August cannot walk down the corridor without being the subject of stares and cruelty.

August lives in a brutal world. So surely, middle school is the last place he could ever hope to be normal … right?

This book gives a realistic look at the frankly brutal reality that is a hugely hushed topic in childrens books. Wonder is about something that we don’t like to talk about because it is so rare and so sad. But August is a boy who can’t be hushed into silence or invisibility in his world, simply because of the way he looks.

This book is bold, funny and engaging. If someone had told me about the topic of this book before I read it, I think I would have mostly chosen to read it because I did not want to walk away from the sad truths and I owed it to people who have similar problems to August. However I found instead that I enjoyed it because it is written with such charm and heart, even in the sad parts. It manages to be about a person with an unlucky and rare syndrome, who we love not out of sympathy (although this book oozes reality and raw emotion) but out of love for him. No one could say that Wonder creates a nice world for the unfortunate protagonist, but something even more deeply rooted than the sadness in the book definitely prevails and that is the sense of love and goodness that leaves you infused with inspiration and appreciation for the good things.

I would give this book five stars and consider it to be equally as good for boys and girls. I think that Wonder deserves to be an international bestseller as it will hook everyone who reads it. It is a bold, brilliant book that is well worth reading by anyone who is prepared to be amazed and can appreciate a good book!