Gothic story

It was a gloomy night. It was pouring rain and I was alone in my bedroom. I was trying to sleep when I felt an odd presence. Screams and laughs could be listened from the back of the bed. My mind was shocked and I became desperate. I didn’t know what to do, so I ran quickly to my mother´s bedroom, leaving all those gloomy shadows behind.

When I got there she didn’t believe me. My world collapsed. I was looking for warmth and comfort, but instead I got the sweet company of my dark and fearful “friend”.

The laughs were each time louder. I felt someone touched me. It was this gloomy figure that didn’t allow me to stand up and run away. I was trapped. A strong paralysis dominated my body, but I was still awoken.

I could feel the beatings in my neck and shouted with all my strength. My mother appeared weeping and I passed out.

Gothic Stories

During our Language class we have been reading and analysing Gothic Novels. We read three different stories of the same genre and analysed them in different groups, we also made a presentation on the vocabulary and expressions used in these stories.




In the language class, our teacher asked as to choose a ted talk or a video, choose 5 sentences and reported them.

We chose this video because we found the topic of the speech very interesting. The famous actor, Wentworth Miller, talks about being different, having different feelings, living in a community in which you are not fitted in. He talks about his childhood, how he suffered and how he decided to isolate himself and live in an independent world. In this speech he explains the consequences of being different, of failing everyday’s test, of hiding something important for him. He explains that we don’t have to isolate ourselves, that is good to be different and that we should accept that. We first decided to choose a speech of an actor that we liked, and he came to our minds, and when we saw the topic we thought that it was interesting.


Crime Story


Every time I fall asleep my thoughts go directly to that night, the black and dark night that had been painted in a bloody red. The night in which I was involved in a terrible event.

It was Friday night, I was going to meet my boyfriend, Alex, after an exhausting week. We were meeting in a classy and fancy restaurant that was near my house, so I decided to go walking.My outfit matched with the night, it was dark, it transmitted the darkness of that awful night.

The street was not as crowded as always. I started to perceive that something was about to happen when I saw a gun hidden in the two meters and suited man. He had that risky and challenging look, as if he had a lot to say and do. His eyes started to follow a very astonishing woman, with a stretch dress and a pretty face.

I couldn’t stop watching the situation. He started to run after her, she had a pale look, with eyes shouting for help.

The man grabbed her and put her into a black van. Many thoughts were running to my head. Was it a robbery? Was he kidnapping her? To rape her?  She was moving in a desperate way. I didn’t know what to do, I was in a state of shock.

The van was going very fast, so I decided to take a taxi and follow them. I started to peep through the window of a dark house. There was only a light on, showing the face of the girl. She was being hit by this huge man, blood was running all over her face. She was crying non stop. Behind the waterfall of tears and those red eyes, anguish and sadness was expressed in her look.

The man was hitting her so hard that I could even feel the damage that he was causing her. I was about to see a homicide and my mind was froze.

Alex was calling, I answered and he was shouting in a furious way. I told him everything, crying as hard as ever. I asked him for help. He came with some policemen with him. I showed the situation to everyone.

The event was disrupted by the cops. The man was as hard as a rock, neither me or him didn’t know what to do. We were all frozen.

The girl showed an expression of relief. We were all looking at her bloody injuries as the man was being handcuffed in front of everyone, with a sentence waiting for him