Summary: The Great Mouse Plot

Our language teacher, Laura, asked us to make a summary of a chapter of «Boy».

When Roald Dahl was a kid, he used to return from school walking with his friends. In the way back home he would go to the sweet-shop. One day he and his friends found a hole in their class and they put candis and other things in it. After some they passed they found out that there was a mouse. Roald Dahl had the brilliand idea of a mischievous kid to put the mouse into a candy jar of the sweet-shop. The plan was to put the mouse in the jar while Thwaites was distracting the employee. After they arrived and do that mischief they runed very scared. They haven’t thought of the consequences while they were in the middle of the act.

Benjamin Zephaniah

Benjamin looks like an oompa loompa. He has an interesting face and a crazy hair. Benjamin has black dreadfocks and a goaty beard. He is around 50’s but looks younger. Benjamin has big teeth and their are splited. He has dark skin.

Laura, our language teacher asked us to improve our descriptions.

Benjamin has an oblong face. He has deep-setted eyes with thick eyebrows. Benjamin has large full lips with gapped teeth. He has a large big nose. And it is in his late 40’s.


Laura, our language teacher, asked us to do a description for Lucy Pevensie and Mr. Tumnus

Lucy has a round pail face. She has brown clear eyes with thick eyebrows. Lucy has a stubby nose and oval lips. She is very tiny and dresses very tidy.

Mr. Tumnus is very hairy and has an inverted triangle face. He has an upturned nose and deep set eyes with thick eyebrows. Mr. Tumnus is in his late 30’s. He is of a midget height and very skinny.

Tp. Uso de las TICS

Cuevas de Lascaux (Francia) historia 1

En esta imagen se puede ver dos toros pintados en una cueva de la antiguedad

Cuevas de Atlamira (España)

En esta imagen se encuentra un chancho pintado.


Nerja-Cueva de Nerja01 Cuevas de Nenja (España)

En esta imagen se puede ver un ciervo.

 Hicieron estas imagenes representando la caseria del hombre en obras de arte.catal-huyuk

Aldea de Catal Huyuc (Turquia)