Living Spaces

During our language class we read a story, Living Spaces, that was written by Bonnie Benjamin. In this autobiography she writes about the flashback of moving out during her childhood.

Bonnie´s home used to be very poor. She lived in a place that was tearing apart, but anyway she was happy there. When the opportunity of moving out to another house and changing of neighbourhood, she, at first, seemed to be excited.

Moving out meant to own much more things that she owned at that time, so there was nothing to be sad about. But then she realized that moving out was much more than that. She had to make new friends and get adapted to a place that was completely unknown for her.

I really liked this story because it made me understand that home is much more than a nice and comfortable place. Home is where friends and family are. Where love surrounds you and where happiness is around you. Home is where you don’t have to pretend to be someone, it is where you can be yourself without pretending anything.

As this is an autobiography it made me sympathize a lot with the author. The feelings that she expressed are very real and this can happen to any of us.


Hoy en día la gente le da mucha importancia a las palabras. Las palabras que afectan mucho a las personas, para bien o para mal. Las palabras que son consideradas como un arma muy poderosa y sincera y que actualmente reciben mucho valor.
El lenguaje tiene un peso muy importante en las personas. Estas forman parte de la esencia del humano y nos diferencian los unos de los otros. El lenguaje permite que un hombre sea capaz de expresarse y formarse como persona. Lo que uno escucha puede repercutir mucho en su vida, ya que uno se forma por lo que escucha y vive. Una palabra puede formar un pensamiento o hasta una opinión. Mediante las palabras una persona transmite muchas cosas, como sentimientos, ideologías y pensamientos. Esto se puede usar para bien o para mal, pero sea como sea, le da un efecto a la persona que escucha y recibe cierto mensaje.
En mi opinión, hay muchas formas de comunicarse. Las palabras pueden salir de muchas maneras. Uno puede hablar desde el alma, o hasta puede mentir. Esto significa que las palabras no siempre tienen que pesar mucho. Uno no puede confiar mucho en las palabras porque no son transparentes. Cuando hablo de transparencia me refiero a realidad. A actuar sin ningún tipo de mentira. A hacer cosas con valor y amor. Sin mentiras. Algo transparente es una acción, ya que muestra todo tipo de pureza. Cuando uno actúa no miente. En cambio las palabras pueden engañar, fingir y disfrazar. Las acciones son instintos del ser humano. Una acción sale del cuerpo y la mente del hombre, y es por eso que lo que hacemos tiene más poder y valor que lo que decimos. Los hechos son gestos tan poderosos que pueden usarse sin ningún tipo de lenguaje para poder comunicarse de manera más sincera que con palabras.
Un famoso escritor,  Eduardo Galeano, dijo que “somos lo que hacemos”. Esta frase tan usada le da mucha importancia a las acciones del humano. Nosotros nos formamos por las cosas que hacemos, y de esa manera crecemos. No somos lo que decimos ser. Son muy pocas las personas que advierten la verdad de su ser. Una palabra puede ser una expresión poco sincera o vacía de contenido. Las palabras tienen mucho poder ya que afectan abismalmente, pero no creo que tengan tanto valor. Las palabras, en mi opinion, pueden usarse para disfrazar las acciones.
El habla es un arma muy poderosa ya que tiene un impacto muy grande en el oído de la otra persona. Las palabras que uno escucha pueden esclavizar y lastimar. Pueden formar y motivar. Las palabras tienen mucho efecto. Por mas que las acciones deberían ser más valoradas, las personas le dan mucha importancia a las palabras y se dejan engañar por el juego de ellas. Las personas reservan sus acciones cada vez más, y usan el poder de la palabra con tal de no mostrarse transparentes.

Gothic story

It was a gloomy night. It was pouring rain and I was alone in my bedroom. I was trying to sleep when I felt an odd presence. Screams and laughs could be listened from the back of the bed. My mind was shocked and I became desperate. I didn’t know what to do, so I ran quickly to my mother´s bedroom, leaving all those gloomy shadows behind.

When I got there she didn’t believe me. My world collapsed. I was looking for warmth and comfort, but instead I got the sweet company of my dark and fearful “friend”.

The laughs were each time louder. I felt someone touched me. It was this gloomy figure that didn’t allow me to stand up and run away. I was trapped. A strong paralysis dominated my body, but I was still awoken.

I could feel the beatings in my neck and shouted with all my strength. My mother appeared weeping and I passed out.

Gothic Stories

During our Language class we have been reading and analysing Gothic Novels. We read three different stories of the same genre and analysed them in different groups, we also made a presentation on the vocabulary and expressions used in these stories.




The Outbreak of the Cold War


During our history class se started seeing the outbreak of the Cold War between Russia and the USA. Our teacher gave us a task to follow on the diferentes conferences after the War, and what were the causes of this War.


1.Why did the wartime alliances fell apart?


The main reason why wartime alliances fell apart was because their enemy in common, Germany, was defeated, and the countries had nothing to do with each other.  Also they had previous annoyances from the past. One of them was the anger that the USSR had with Britain and the USA because they wanted to destroy the Russian Revolution, and also the racism against the communists in the Red Scare. Also Stalin’s belief that they didn´t give all the help they could in WW2 forced this tense string of hatry. On the other hand Britain was

very angry because of the sign of the Nazi-Soviet Pact.


  1. What were the major differences between the superpowers?


The USA and the USSR were the superpowers after WW2. One of the main differences was that the USA was capitalist and that the USSR was communist. Another difference was the amount of losses in war time: the USA lost 297.000 soldiers and the USSR 20 million. The last but not least was what both countries wanted for Germany. On the one hand Stalin wanted to cripple her to protect the USSr against future attacks, and on the other hand the USA wanted to protect democracy and help Germany recover.


  1. The importance of the Yalta and Potsdam Conferences


The Yalta and the Potsdam conferences were very important because firstly they  would determine the future of Germany after her defeat.  Also, the aim of both conferences was to reestablish world peace among the countries and also the future of the countries that would be liberated.


  1. The roles of Stalin and Truman

Stalin was the leader of the USSR, he wanted to cripple Germany as harsh as possible. He was suspicious of the policy of Appeasement imposed by Britain and France and so he wanted a ‘buffer’ of friendly states to protect his country from any invasions.

Truman was the vice president which assumed as president when Roosevelt died in April, 1945. He intervened in the second conference: the Potsdam conference. This president was much more anti-communist than Roosevelt and so he was very cautious when taking decisions. Truman was determined on not making the same mistake of punishing Germany harshly as they had done after WW1 because they would recover and want revenge once again.

So both had completely different views and opinions and that is why they disagreed on most of the terms. We can say that the Potsdam conference was a failure compared to the Yalta conference.


For our history class we were assigned to make a cartoon with one of the options that our teacher gave. I chose «A Czcheck cartoon on the expectations of the communis regime.»

On the one hand we have the weak country, Czechoslovakia, represented by a dove of hope and an anchor of communism. This shows that this poor country believed that communism could make a change in Czechoslovakia like it did in the USSR some years before.
On the other hand we have the USSR represented by an eye of power. This shows the control that this country had over the satellite countries due to its power and domination. There is also a symbol of growth in it that tries to reflect the growth and prosperity that communism makes.