Marie Antoinette film

1- Marie Antoinette is sometimes referred to as “The Teenage Queen”. What attitudes in the movie can show that?

She has a very inmature personality. She does not obey the rules, she cheats in King Louis XVI and she is asists to many parties and drinks like a teenanger. She does not behave like a queen.

2- After her first child is born she shows many changes in her attitude and lifestyle. How? Provide examples. Why do you think that happens?

When her first child was born she moved to the farm to teach many things of nature to her daughter. This shows a big change with maturity, but on the other hand she still goes to parties. It is as if she wants to give values to her daughter and to act as a grown up, but there is something in her personality that doesnt let her do it.

3- Some historians have often suggested that Marie Antoinette’s behaviour helped encourage agitation in the people at the beginning of the Revolution. Can you find any instances in the movie that confirm or deny this claim?

It was because she was always spending a lot of money in unnecessary things like jewelry, clothing, etc. There were many people suffering for hunger and she acted like nothing happened.

4- Towards the end of the movie, we see a more mature woman. How does she show she has somehow stopped being “The Teenage Queen”?

She starts to be more mature when her family is at risk due to the attack of Versailles. This is shown when she decides to disobey what her husband said, to leave with their sons.

This is very mature because she wants to stay by his side and support him.