Diary entry

For our virtual period our history teacher asked us to do the following task:

Imagine you are a French citizen who was involved in the storming of the Bastille. Later that night, write your diary entry, explaining what happened (from your viewpoint) and expressing your fears, wishes, hopes for the future, etc. Be as creative as possible in finding a voice for that character to make it sound realistic.


Dear diary,

Dime hours ago I was able to participate in the glorifying storming of the Bastille. It was very pleasant to destroy that 30-metre building that represented the horrible monarchy that has done so much damage on us.

The battle was very aggressive. There were many deaths. We fought with passion and anger. All the fury of my soul possessed was expressed today. I am very proud about all the work that we have done because now I won’t be treated like before. Life Will not be as hard and unfair as before. It was not very easy to see someone’s head in a spike, but I did it for my life and my son’s. I don’t know if I will sleep with guilt or pride tonight, but I do know now that I will have the gift of equality forever.

French Revolution

We have been studying the French Revolution in history, and Julia, our history teacher asked us to follow this task for our virtual period:

To integrate the work we’ve been doing on the causes of the French Revolution, you have to draw a diagram relating all the long and short-term causes we studied. You should also rank them according to how important you think they were in the development of the revolution (you can do this in the same diagram or separately). Upload this  in your blogs by April, 28th.

Here´s mine!