Living Spaces

During our language class we read a story, Living Spaces, that was written by Bonnie Benjamin. In this autobiography she writes about the flashback of moving out during her childhood.

Bonnie´s home used to be very poor. She lived in a place that was tearing apart, but anyway she was happy there. When the opportunity of moving out to another house and changing of neighbourhood, she, at first, seemed to be excited.

Moving out meant to own much more things that she owned at that time, so there was nothing to be sad about. But then she realized that moving out was much more than that. She had to make new friends and get adapted to a place that was completely unknown for her.

I really liked this story because it made me understand that home is much more than a nice and comfortable place. Home is where friends and family are. Where love surrounds you and where happiness is around you. Home is where you don’t have to pretend to be someone, it is where you can be yourself without pretending anything.

As this is an autobiography it made me sympathize a lot with the author. The feelings that she expressed are very real and this can happen to any of us.

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