Gothic story

It was a gloomy night. It was pouring rain and I was alone in my bedroom. I was trying to sleep when I felt an odd presence. Screams and laughs could be listened from the back of the bed. My mind was shocked and I became desperate. I didn’t know what to do, so I ran quickly to my mother´s bedroom, leaving all those gloomy shadows behind.

When I got there she didn’t believe me. My world collapsed. I was looking for warmth and comfort, but instead I got the sweet company of my dark and fearful “friend”.

The laughs were each time louder. I felt someone touched me. It was this gloomy figure that didn’t allow me to stand up and run away. I was trapped. A strong paralysis dominated my body, but I was still awoken.

I could feel the beatings in my neck and shouted with all my strength. My mother appeared weeping and I passed out.

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