For our history class we were assigned to make a cartoon with one of the options that our teacher gave. I chose «A Czcheck cartoon on the expectations of the communis regime.»

On the one hand we have the weak country, Czechoslovakia, represented by a dove of hope and an anchor of communism. This shows that this poor country believed that communism could make a change in Czechoslovakia like it did in the USSR some years before.
On the other hand we have the USSR represented by an eye of power. This shows the control that this country had over the satellite countries due to its power and domination. There is also a symbol of growth in it that tries to reflect the growth and prosperity that communism makes.

Storm Poem


Our language  teacher Pilar Pando, gave us the task to create our own poem decribing a storm, based Ashok B Raka’s poem.

Gazing at the sky my eyes turned black

The noon darkness upon me wraped my sparkling gems,
making me feel dazzled and surprised.
My ears were stunned as they capted the roar.
The freezing and soaking wind provoked me shivers.
The wind was blowing harder,
and the golden streak that was held in the sky,
Was accompanied  by a crack in the cloud layer.
The amazing and threatingn storm
Melt my heart of stone,
Bringing clarity and calm.
There was no more harm,
Just a soaking heart
In a bright light.