Nuestra profesora suplente de lengua, Carol Silva, nos organizo una actividad en grupos que se basaba en crear un superhéroe, describirlo y hacer un stop motion del mismo. Este es el que hice con mi compañeras Chopa y Jose.

Super moco, el gomoso monstruo verde, fue creado hace millones de años en el planeta mucosis. Su gigante tamaño lo ayuda a cumplir su misión: destruir el mundo e infectarlo. El tiene un cuerpo gelatinoso hecho por poderosos gérmenes que son capaces de matarte con tan solo verlos. Este apestoso monstruo se distingue por dejar rastros de mucosidad por todos los lugares por los que camina.



After discussing a legend in class, our teacher asked us to follow many steps; writing our own legend, making a video and looking for a legend.

I chose a legend from Greece, a myth of Zeus, that shows the boredom of his life for being the owner and God of the sky. I really liked this antique myth because I found it very interesting.


Holocaust Museum

Last Friday we had the opportunity to go to the Holocaust Museum and learn a lot more about people in concentration camps.

We started our visit by watching a video of David Galante, a man who survived from a concentration camp after suffering a lot. The video was the introduction that encouraged us to see and understand the other sources that we saw later on.

I really liked the museum because I found it very interesting how our guide explained all the incredible stories of the Nazis.

Here are some pictures of my favourite parts.IMG_20151030_153806363 IMG_20151030_153802302 IMG_20151030_153757307IMG_20151030_154020820 IMG_20151030_153919708_HDR IMG_20151030_153902416

In the language class, our teacher asked as to choose a ted talk or a video, choose 5 sentences and reported them.

We chose this video because we found the topic of the speech very interesting. The famous actor, Wentworth Miller, talks about being different, having different feelings, living in a community in which you are not fitted in. He talks about his childhood, how he suffered and how he decided to isolate himself and live in an independent world. In this speech he explains the consequences of being different, of failing everyday’s test, of hiding something important for him. He explains that we don’t have to isolate ourselves, that is good to be different and that we should accept that. We first decided to choose a speech of an actor that we liked, and he came to our minds, and when we saw the topic we thought that it was interesting.