Poems: “Song”, “Heart and Mind”, “She was a phantom of delight” and “The Lost Woman”

We had the chance to present and explain poems in our Literature class. The poems we learnt, «songs» and «heart and mind» are both very difficult to understand, but I think that they are awesome.

This poems are good to analyze because they can have different points of view and perspectives, so I think that they are good to discuss and share.  Here are the analysis.

I liked this poem because it shows a different time when women were treated in a different way. The poem explains some advices for women’s, telling them how to treat their husbands. I was paralyzed when we analyzed it because it is strange how things changed.

Heart and mind

This was a poem that I enjoyed a lot. It is perfectly written, I like how the author expresses the abilities and the power of the heart and the mind, how they work in somebody, using nice metaphors and interesting voices.

This poem was my favorite, I like how he values and respects the woman, how he describes his unbelievable perfection, how he contrasts the delight with something that doesn’t exists, a phantom. I think that it was the easiest to understand and also the best.

This poem is very interesting and catchy. It is very sad to listen the story of a little girl who´s mother died and she can´t live without her. I think that it is very nice the way she describes her mother´s created life. The end is very shocking and interesting and unexpected. I really enjoyed it.


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