Of white hairs and cricket

  1. The narrator «put down the tweezers and reached for the cosmics». Explain what the Narrator is doing? (Rite of passage).
  2. «All my friends have father whose hair is greying».
  • What is the N beginning to understand?

That his father is growing old

  • What is it that his father does not accept?

The passing of time

  • What is it that the N does not quite understand?

3) Who’s Viraf? What is going on at his house?

1) He didn’t want to pull his daddy’s hairs any longer, he was trying to be independent and rebellious because he was not a little kid anymore, he had grown up.

1)  Rite of passage: steps

    Object of desire

    Dare (challenge) rebel

    Defy the authority/ the las of the father.


    Accepting / recognizing

2) He is beginning to understand the passing of time, his father was not the only one q.    growing up, his friends and him were also. His father didn’t want to accept that, he wanted to avoid adding years, he didn’t want to be an old man. doesn’t understand The narrator doesn’t want to accept that his father is going to die.

3) Viraf was the narrator´s best  the friend. His father was ill.


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