Kathleen Raine

Our teacher Pato Chujman tld us to look up information about the writer of the poem “Passion” by Katlhleen Raine.

  • Born 14 June 1908 – 6 July 2003
  • Kathleen Raine was born at Ilford, Essex (now part of London)
  • British poet, critic, and scholar writing. A visionary poet whose work probed the intersection of science and mysticism, Raine bridged elements of Jungian psychology and neo-Platonism in her work
  • Interested in various forms of spirituality, most prominently Platonism and Neoplatonism, she was a founder member of the Temenos Academy.
  • Raine received the Queen’s Gold Medal for Literature, the Harriet Monroe Memorial Prize, the Oscar Blumenthal Prize, the Chapelbrook Award, the Cholmondeley Award, and the Smith Literary Award and a Commandeur de L’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres.
  • Poetry was deeply ingrained in the daily lives of her maternal ancestors. From her father she gained a love of etymology and the literary aspect of poetry. She wrote that for her poetry was “not something invented but given…Brought up as I was in a household where poets were so regarded it naturally became my ambition to be a poet”
  • Her first book of poetry, Stone And Flower (1943). Living in Time (1946). The Pythoness in 1949. Her classics include Who Are We?,  the two-volume Blake and Tradition. 


Welcome to our new topic: CELLS

We have already learnt that there are multicellular and unicellular organisms. That is to say, that some living organisms are made of one cell and others of more than one cell. So….what is a cell?

1- Read the text 2.1 “Cell structure and organisation”, page 15 and solve exercise 1.

2- Search in the web pictures where examples of structures named in the exercise above are shown. (stomach,tissue,body system, organs, organism, cell, root). Add them in a new post in your blog. Remember to label the pictures and write down the meaning of each word.

Stomach: an animal organ that process food.
Tissue: grouped cells of the same type

Organs: a group of tissues that work together.

Body system: a group of organs that work together


Organism: a living thing.
Cell: the basic unit of all living things
Root: a plant organ that absorbs water.