Crime report

Our teacher Pilar Pando asked to look up for a crime report

The discovery of a pregnant schoolgirl’s body under the patio of her boyfriend’s family home in northeast Argentina has sparked a nationwide protest against «femicide,» the killing of a woman because of her gender.
A post-mortem examination carried out on the victim, 14-year-old Chiara Paez, after her body was unearthed on May 11 showed she died from beatings to the head, face and body, local media have reported.
The post-mortem also found traces of a drug used in abortions, fuelling speculation that Paez’s killing could have been the result of an argument with her boyfriend and his family over her pregnancy.
Media reports say the 16-year-old boyfriend has been charged with aggravated murder, femicide and forced abortion, and that he confessed to the killing when questioned by prosecutors, in a case that has dominated headlines in Argentina for weeks.

Thousands of Argentines gathered in front of the National Congress building in Buenos Aires on Wednesday.
«The evidence comes from Manuel’s (the boyfriend) own statements, who accepted responsibility as being the perpetrator of the crime,» Argentina’s La Nacion newspaper quoted prosecutor Alejandro Sinopolis as saying.

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