Michael Rosen 

Web Questions
– Find out what important event for Michael happened in 1974.
He was awarded as a Bachelor of Arts.
– Here’s a very short poem. What is its title?
In days of yore verses for children were ever so pretty but nowadays they’re horrid and ugly and set in the city
The title of this poem is “Couplet”
( what do you think the word ‘Yore’ means? Do you agree with the sentiment of the poem?)
Yore: time long past
We totally agree with it. We think that nowadays children spend more time with their devices, locked in their houses than playing outside, having fun with friends.
– What do you think the books ‘snore’, ‘Rover’ and ‘ Oww!’ are about?
Snore is about something that happened while a person was snoring in his sleep.
Oww! is about the reaction that someone made after being hurt by an object.
– Click on one of the ‘ In the media’ pieces and report back to the rest of the class what it was about.
We are going on a bear hunt
His biography
1- What was important about the church?
what was important about the church was that it burned down the day he was borned. And then when he grew old he played on the burnt-out church which was next to his house.
2- Were Michael’s of primary school good ones or not?
Yes, I think that he had a great time and very good memories I can see that through some of the poems he wrote about the primary school for example, “Lunch Boxes don´t fly”, “No breathing in class”.
3- Why do you think Michael wrote so many books about his younger school books?
I think he wrote all those books about his younger schools because he had a great time there and he wanted to remembered everything.