Our teacher Dani Barra asked us to see the Top 5 BookTubers, and comment about three BookTubes.

The fault in our stars: the booktube was very funny and John Green is hilarious. I really liked the video although there were some parts in which he spoke very fast. Ansel and him made me laugh, I really enjoyed the booktube because I have seen the movie and read the book. I really like how John makes fun of the person that worked in the movie telling him that the book was better.
The hunger games: it was very difficult for me to follow the video because I haven’t seen the movie and I haven’t read the book either, but the points that he had about friendship were very nice and right. He analyzed the Hunger Games in a very detailed way talking about the characters. His way of talking was very understanding and clear.
Carrie Fletcher: in my opinion the book tube was very funny and the idea was great but I don’t agree that boys in books are better, they are always perfect and I always want to find a mistake in them, but they have none and I really don’t like that.