Our teacher Daniela Barra asked us to describeour favorite picture of the summer.


How I miss summer! Those sunny and windy days on the beach, where I could sleep, sunbathe and swim without any problem, where I could meet my friends all day long and meet new people, play the guitar and drink mate watching the sunset. I went to Miramar, a place in which I feel like at home. My friends made this summer the best ever, and this picture shows my happiness. I was taking the picture with one of my best friends while we were singing and playing the guitar in the afternoon, doing our beach routine. This photo makes me want to go back and replay my whole summer! I spent an incredible time in the place I like the most.

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  1. Lulu, I really love the way you introduce your presentation and the language you use help me to get on what you were saying also I think you had spoken very well and fluent. Excellent work!

  2. Lulu I liked a lot your presentation, you talked about your holidays at Miramar and how you enjoyed it with your friends and the picture definitely shows us that. You are very clear, you use good language and you had no grammar mistakes! Also you used body language. I think you are very good in oral presentations and that you have to keep on doing it like this!

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