Games at Twilight

Our teacher Pato asked us to write a summary of the story “Games at Twilight ” by Anita Desai.

The story is set in India, in a family’s house in a day that was so hot that it suffocated them.
The characters of the book are:
Ravi: he was one of the youngest ones. His dream was to be a winner to show his older brother Raghu, and his other cousins that he could beat them.
Mira: one of the older cousins that acted like a mother, indicating the kids what to do.
Raghu: the oldest boy. He believed that he was superior to the other ones because he was tall with long legs, a very sportive kid.
The cousins: they liked to play outside like any kid. Their names were: Anu, Manu, Ravi, Raghu, and Mira.

The rising action of the story is when the kids want to go outside to play but they could not because the high temperature. When finally their mother, Mira, let them go they were very excited and they decided to play hide and seek.

Ravi, one of the kids, was taking the game very seriously, so he decided to hide in place where no one would ever find him, the locked shed. Here starts the climax, when Ravi got very scared because of the darkness and insects that accompanied him in the room.

The question that was running through his mind was if he had to go and touch the den, or to stay there. When he finally decided to go outside, he run very fast to the den, being proud of himself, shouting “I won, I won”, but all of the other kids didn’t pay attention to him because they were playing another game. To finish the story, Anita decided to put as the falling action, the poor kid laying on the grass, covering his face with his hands and thinking how could his family forget him for so much time

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