An Inspector Calls

Our literature teacher asked us to make a group work about An Inspector Calls.

The task was: Imagine hollywood has decided to produce a movie on the play: An Inspector calls. You are members of the casting agency responsible for choosing the actors and actresses for the movie, then you should explain why you had chosen them. Then make a collage with pictures of those people.


Sheila: For Sheila we chose Debby Ryan from Jessie because she can change of personality and make funny comments.

Mrs. Birling: For Mrs. Birling we chose Joan Cusack from Ice Princess because of her appearance and her way to talk and move.

Daisy/Eva: For Daisy we chose Amanda Seyfried of Mean Girls because of her appearance and how she acts.

Edna: For Edna we chose Zuzanna Szadkowski because of her maid appearance and old career as a maid.

an inspector calls mujeres


Mr. Birling: For Mr. Birling we choose Alfred Thadeus Pennyworth from Batman because he is serious, with more or less the same age and because he imposes respect as Mr. Birling.

Gerald Croft: For Gerald we choose Leonardo Dicaprio because he did many roles like this one and because his personality is very similar.

Inspector Goole: For Goole we choose Christian Bale because we see him as a very serious person that imposes fear and looks like the people that know how to investigate.

Eric: For Eric we choose Josh Duhamel from Life as we know it because the appearance is very similar to how we imagine Eric and has the aspect of a mommy´s kid.

an inspector calls varones

Summary: The Great Mouse Plot

Our language teacher, Laura, asked us to make a summary of a chapter of «Boy».

When Roald Dahl was a kid, he used to return from school walking with his friends. In the way back home he would go to the sweet-shop. One day he and his friends found a hole in their class and they put candis and other things in it. After some they passed they found out that there was a mouse. Roald Dahl had the brilliand idea of a mischievous kid to put the mouse into a candy jar of the sweet-shop. The plan was to put the mouse in the jar while Thwaites was distracting the employee. After they arrived and do that mischief they runed very scared. They haven’t thought of the consequences while they were in the middle of the act.