Review: The Fault In Our Stars

Our teacher, Pilar, asked us to a review of a movie/book.
If you are looking for a bittersweet and romantic movie you should definitely watch The Fault In Our Stars, an adaption of John Green´s novel. Tears will roll down your face during this highly entretaining movie, even though you´re going to come out of the threatre smiling.
The plot is very involving and it is full of twists. The well-written and tragic script accompanied by the realistic and convincing characters let you live the movie like you are into it.
Hazel Grace is a very smart and cultured teenanger that has cancer, she is forced to go to a cancer support group, where she meets Augustus Waters, a mature and kind youth that knows what it means suffering from cancer, because it happened to him before. They both fall in love at first sight. Hazel has an obsession with a book called «An Imperial Affliction» written by Peter Van Houten, a sharp, disgusting and tactless man. This book that she loves does not have an ending because of the protagonist sikness, that´s why Hazel´s dream is to meet Peter with Augustus and ask him what happens at the end of the book.
Once you watch this incredible movie you´ll never forget it, you are going to be involved during the hole movie. You won´t regret about watching it, you are going to be surprised from the beginning to the end. This movie show us, the audience, that even in pain, hope can be found.

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