Mike Schofield’s house

Our teacher Pilar asked us to do a description of Mike Schofield’s house.

I had been looking forward to that special night for many months. I had carefully chosen my clothes and was wearing an elegant suit. At six o’clock I knocked at the door. An old tiny woman opened it. She was wearing a sober black uniform and had a soft voice. As soon as I stepped into the dining room, I could feel the whistle of the wind blowing in my face coming from the opened window.
I could percieve the delicious smell of meat that was served in the formal laid table. The living room had luxurious furniture and a chimney that leaded you to a tranquil atmosphere in which you could talk in peace. Coming down the stairs, an elegant lady with her husband welcomed me.
They showed me the way to the breathtaking garden full of exotic flowers quivering in the wind of that delightful afternoon, where I was managed to hear the sound of those birds chirping upon the trees beyond the door made me feel nature coming from my inside and I felt my energy revived too.
By the end of the night I wondered how majestic that house was, full of nice furniture and with an exquisite and impressing garden.