«You are old, Father William»

Our teacher pilar, asked us to choose an extract from our lending library and explain it.

`You are old, Father William,’ the young man said, `And your hair has become very white; And yet you incessantly stand on your head– Do you think, at your age, it is right?’

`In my youth,’ Father William replied to his son, `I feared it might injure the brain; But, now that I’m perfectly sure I have none, Why, I do it again and again.’

`You are old,’ said the youth, `as I mentioned before, And have grown most uncommonly fat; Yet you turned a back-somersault in at the door– Pray, what is the reason of that?’

`In my youth,’ said the sage, as he shook his grey locks, `I kept all my limbs very supple By the use of this ointment–one shilling the box– Allow me to sell you a couple?’

`You are old,’ said the youth, `and your jaws are too weak For anything tougher than suet; Yet you finished the goose, with the bones and the beak– Pray how did you manage to do it?’

`In my youth,’ said his father, `I took to the law, And argued each case with my wife; And the muscular strength, which it gave to my jaw, Has lasted the rest of my life.’

`You are old,’ said the youth, `one would hardly suppose That your eye was as steady as ever; Yet you balanced an eel on the end of your nose– What made you so awfully clever?’

`I have answered three questions, and that is enough,’ Said his father; `don’t give yourself airs! Do you think I can listen all day to such stuff? Be off, or I’ll kick you down stairs!’

«That is not said right,» said the Caterpillar.  
«Not quite right, I’m afraid,» said Alice timidly;
«some of the words have got altered.» 
«It is wrong from beginning to end,» 
said the Caterpillar decidedly, and 
there was silence for some minutes.

I chose this extract because it´s very catchy. It has a lot of rhymes and it is very interesting when you read it. In this part of the story Alice is afraid of changing size. The Caterpillar says that it isn´t confusing changing size. Here is the example of the chrysalis. Alice asks the Caterpillar if he is going to feel it a little queer and he answers that he won´t. In this poem happens the same this. The youth is telling his father that he is very old. His father tells him that when he was youth, he has fears to grow and that he doesn´t have to give himself affairs.


Here is the work that I did with Felix following the task that our history teacher gave us.


1. Re-read the article.

2. Create a DOC in G Drive.

3. Look up the info you don’t know. e.g “Tratado de Versailles”.

4. Find sources to illustrate what you know.
5. Write your own article to publish in your blog.

A Houndred Yeas From WW1

In 1914, almost all of Europe had been dragged into the bloodiest war in history, the First World War. This war took place between the years 1914 and 1918. Many consequences happened because of this inevitable war, which started because of many purposes.

WW1´s countries were allied between them. An alliance is an agreement made between two or more countries to give each other help if it is needed. This alliances were made between the years 1879 and 1914. This powerful alliances were The Triple Alliance (formed by Germany, Austria and Italy) and The Triple Entente (formed by Britain, Russia and France). Alliances were made because of convenience or rivalry. One example was the Naval Rivalry between Great Britain and Germany. Because of this Rivalry they were enemies and were in different alliances.

photo 2
In 1914, within six weeks of the Archduke’s assassination, Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia because of the fact of Franz Ferdinand’s murder. France, Great Britain and Russia, allied with Serbia, because of the Triple Entente, and the war started. Although this was the final straw.
As I said before, Italy was part of the Triple Alliance before the war started. But things changed. When the war started, Italy wanted to see how did the war progressed and think which Alliance was more convenient for her. In April of 1915 Italy became part of the Triple Entente because of the Treaty of London. This treaty consisted in giving land to Italy if she fought by her side. After this Italy fought against Austria-Hungary and in several situations she was humiliated and lost many soldiers. An example of this was the battle of Caporetto. In that battle the Italian army lost 300.000 men. By the end of the war the country had lots of high-inflation and unemployment. At the end, they did not have the compensation that they thought they would have.
The Russian Revolution were some internal problems that Russia had with her government. This fact made her collapse and signed the Brest Litovsk.
The 1st of April in 1917, the USA discovered that Germany wanted to ally with Mexico against them and she declared war on Germany and joined to WW1. Before this happened, the Germans had destroyed many American ships that had many goods and American people.

photo 4 (1) photo 3
After all, the Triple Entente won the war and led into economic collapse to all of their enemies.
When war ended, in 1918, President Wilson, made fourteen peaceful points that were used for peace negotiations to finish with it.

photo 1 (1)
The final treaty of the WW1 was the Treaty Of Versailles. This took place in 1919 where the Central Powers and the Triple Entente had a meeting and signed a treaty of peace to finish the war. This treaty was singed after the discussion of the big three (Wilson, L.L George and Clemenceau). Each of this important politicans wanted a different result in this treaty. One of those ideas was to take revenge in Germany and destroy her and the other was to make Germany pay everything, because they thought that if they would make Germany spend a difficult moment then she could take defeated them. At the end the points that had to be followed by the Treaty Of Versailles were this:
1) no more secret treaties
2) countries must seek to reduce their weapons and their armed forces
3) national self-determination should allow people of the same nationality to govern themselves and one nationality should not have the power to govern another
4) all countries should belong to the League of Nationsphoto 4

.photo 2
All in all, World War 1 produced a lot of changes; geographic and political.

photo 1 (2)


Description Of My Favorite Place

Set in Martindale Country Club, the house is a unique place to relax.

The first thing one notices about the house is the exquisite and elaborated garden that leaves you astonished. The shrill cries of tropical birds and the outdoor smell leads you to a relaxing atmosphere. At the far end of the garden you can see different types of colorful plants surrounding the big pool with crystal clear water.

In the inside of this white awe-inspiring house with blue roofs, you´ll find dark corridors and old furniture.

In this house you can relax and spend a good time with friends or alone. You have a variety of things to do and enjoy.

Our own Neighbours

We read a poem called Neighbours in class by Benjamin Zephaniah. Laura, our language teacher, told us to do a similar poem talking about us. Here is mine.

I am the type you are supposed to obey
Bossy and spoiled
Distinguish and blunt

I complain all the time
I shout very loud
I sleep all day,
And when the moon gets me
I continue sleeping.

I am moving in
Next door to you
So you can get to know me,
You will hear my loud voice
In school corridors,
I will occupy
Your space,
Our ball will be in your court.
How will you feel?

You should feel good
You have been chosen.

I am the type you are supposed to love
Naive and simple,
Straight-talking and innocent
I hangout with friends,
I play the guitar,
I sing everywhere,
I love being with my friends

Describing a friend


Francesca is 13 years old. I first met her last year at school. We are best friends since then.
Francesca is a very frank and honest girl, if she has to tell you something she would. Fran is one of the best persons you can ever meet. She is warmhearted and kind. Francesca is a devoted friend.
She has a diamond shape face with deep set eyes and thick eyebrows. Francesca has uneven lips and a slanted nose.
She can be quite talkative and annoying, but she is a kind and trustful person.