Describing a friend

Task: Write a description of a friends. Focus on personality and physical appearance. Do not include the name of your friends. We’ll then play a guessing game. Include at least four terns learnt in class or from the successful Wr. Unit 1 (120-150 words) Divide into paragraphs.

She have been at Las Cumbres since kinder three. I first met her when we were five years old, and we are friends since there.
As her personality she is quite energetic, she is always jumping and shouting. She loves playing hockey and being with her friends, she is very lovely. X can support something and in the last minute can change of opinion, therefore she is erratic. When she needs to tell you something she is frank and tactless.  She is impetuos, when she has an idea she does not think of the consequences. When someone is very annoying, X can be quite impatient and hot-headed, but expect for this, she is very gregarious, cheerful and generous.
Physically, X has a round face with those green and hallow eyes. She has bushy eyebrows and thin lips. X has a brown beautiful wavy hair.
She plays hockey in Liceo Naval and has lots of friends there.X lives far away from school and loves spending time with her friends.
All in all, she a lovely friend that is always there. She is very trustful and share lots of interest with all her friends.