Here is our essay opinion writing about “Anger Lay by Me” and “A Poison Tree” that we did in the literature class.

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“A Poison Tree” and “Anger Lay by Me” deal with speakers who are angry. The two speakers react in the same way. Do you agree?


“A Poison Tree” and “Anger Lay by me” deal with speakers who are angry. The two speakers react in a  different way. In both  poems the characters are angry but they don’t express their feelings in the same way.

The two poems explain how the personnas express their feelings, one of this feelings was anger. “I was angry with my friend: I told my wrath, my wrath did end.”, in this extract of the poem ¨A Poison Tree´´ he is saying that that he is glad he took revenge. ¨That he’s my true-lord, and my doom.´, in this quote of  ¨Anger Lay by Me¨, the voice is telling that the anger has him as a prisoner, and he gives up.


Another reason is that the feeling of  wrath is bothering them all the time. ¨All night he talked and would not go.¨,  with this quote we are proving that the anger was controlling him and he was not going to leave him. “And it grew both day and night”, the voice is explaining that the wrath didn’t stop, in fact, it started growing.
In “A Poison Tree” the personna react taking revenge on his enemy and killing his wrath. “In the morning glad I see My foe outstretched beneath the tree”. In  “Anger Lay by Me”, the voice reacts in the opposite way. He lets the anger control him. “And can I lock him from my room? Ah no, his honest words are such”. This explains the domination of the Anger on him.

In conclusion, we can see that this poems are very similar but they don’t share all the themes. The personnas react in different ways, and this is the fact that let us know that they have many things in common but not all of them.