Examples of connectors

Today in class we saw a presentation with examples of connectors.

They argued all the time, consequently they eventually got divorced.
We are working harder in order to earn more money.
He was a very good swimmer; even so, he drowned.
Jack didn’t study for the test; still he managed to pass it.
She had no experience; nonetheless she got the job.
He doesn’t study much; however he gets good grades at school.
The boy is not dumb; on the contrary, he’s very smart for his age.
If it is not here, then it’s lost.
Soccer is a good sport; moreover, it is very easy to learn.
I dont want stay here; furthermore, I have things to do.
I am not going out tonight. Instead, I will stay home and cook something.
The unemployment was high due to the economic crisis.
They had a delay owing to the traffic jam.
She hadn’t eaten for days and thus felt very weak.
I don’t want to sell my car; besides, I need it for my job.
In addition to being a great person, the physician was an excellent professional.
I will finish the project by tomorrow, even if I have to work all night.
It was a great match in spite of the bad the weather.
A patriot will defend his nation, regardless of the consequences.