The causes of WW1

We are now about to plunge into one of the main topics of this year:


No historical event is the result of only ONE  cause, that is why we shall be considering the main causes.

In this post we will collect different types of material related to the causes of WW1.

We shall start by watching a Kahn Academy video on the Empires before WW1.

Empires before World War I: Austria-Hungary. Ottoman empire. British, German, French and Russian empires

Watch the video and analyse the following points:

1. What were the Empires at the end of the 19th Century?

German Empire

Russian Empire

Austro-Hungarian Empire

British Empire

NEW QUESTION: When were each of these empires BORN?
The Russian empire was born in 1721, the German Empire in 1871, the Austro Hungarian Empire in 1867 and the British Empire in 1583.

2. Which was the most powerful?

The British Empire because it had lots of colonies conquered.

3. Which were the weakest Empires? Why?

The Russian and the Austro-Hungarian Empires because they weren’t very powerful and they didn’t conquered so many colonies.

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