Describing Benjamin Zephaniah

We where talking about Benjamin Zephaniah, an awsome poet. We read a poem that he wrote called «According to my mood». This poem is very special because we thing that he wrote it for a reason. In my opinion he wrote this because he is saying something whit grammar mistakes but he is right. Maybe he can be poor, black, and dyslexic but there is no reason to judge him because he can not change his personality or appearence. He has the liberty to write whatever he wants. Here is the poem:

According To My Mood

I have poetic license,
i WriTe thE way i waNt.
i drop my full stops where i like………..
MY CAPITAL LetteRs go where i liKE,
i order from MY PEN,
i verse the way i like
(i do my spelling write)
According to My Mood.
i Have poetic license,
i put my commers where i like,,((())).
(((my brackets are write((
I REPEAT WHen i likE.
i can’t go rong.
i look and i. c.
It’s rite.
i Repeat when i liKE. I have
poetic license!
don’t question me????


Benjamin looks like an oompa loompa. He has an interesting face and a crazy hair. Benjamin has black dreadfocks and a goaty beard. He is around 50’s but looks younger. Benjamin has big teeth and their are splited. He has dark skin.

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