We are learning some new connectors. Pilar asked us to choose four connectors and write an example for each.

She worked so hard for the exam, accordingly she passed

Only a student passed, namely, Arturo.

He did not study for the exam, subsequently he failed.

All the students are kind, coversely, not all the kind kids are students.

Examples of connectors

Today in class we saw a presentation with examples of connectors.

They argued all the time, consequently they eventually got divorced.
We are working harder in order to earn more money.
He was a very good swimmer; even so, he drowned.
Jack didn’t study for the test; still he managed to pass it.
She had no experience; nonetheless she got the job.
He doesn’t study much; however he gets good grades at school.
The boy is not dumb; on the contrary, he’s very smart for his age.
If it is not here, then it’s lost.
Soccer is a good sport; moreover, it is very easy to learn.
I dont want stay here; furthermore, I have things to do.
I am not going out tonight. Instead, I will stay home and cook something.
The unemployment was high due to the economic crisis.
They had a delay owing to the traffic jam.
She hadn’t eaten for days and thus felt very weak.
I don’t want to sell my car; besides, I need it for my job.
In addition to being a great person, the physician was an excellent professional.
I will finish the project by tomorrow, even if I have to work all night.
It was a great match in spite of the bad the weather.
A patriot will defend his nation, regardless of the consequences.

Mr. Foster

Pilar asked us to write a description about Mr. Foster, the character of «The Way Up To Heaven».

Mr. Foster is an old man that lives in New York with his wife Mrs. Foster. They have a huge and gloomy house. He is not very nice with his wife.
Mr. Foster is in his nearly seventies. He has a triangular and wrinkled face. He wears casual clothes and looks like a serious man. Mr. Foster has thin lips. He has bushy eyebrows and a balding hair.
He is a selfish man. Mr. Foster likes to inflict torture on his wife without a purpose. He is an arrogant husband. He knows that his wife depends on him so he enjoys to making her suffer.
In my opinion he is not a lovely man at all but he could have a better reason to go a way up to heaven.


Mrs. Foster

Pilar asked us to write a description about Mrs. Foster, the character of «The Way Up To Heaven».

Mrs. Foster is a kind woman. She drives into hysterics when she is about to travel in a plane, train, etc. Mrs. Foster is very affluent, she lives in New York with her husband, Mr. Foster.
Mrs. Foster looks very dressy and elegant. She is in her late sixties. Mrs. Foster has a translucent face with rossy cheeks. Her face is oval and wrinkled. She has deep-setted and hollowed eyes and bow shaped lips.
She is very nervous in the fact of being punctual and her husband does not support her on that. Mrs. Foster is married to a man that loves to torture her and makes her suffer. She loves her daughter and her grandchildren. Mrs. Foster wasn’t free at all, she depended on Mr. Foster.
At the beginning Mrs. Foster was a shy woman because it was very hard for her to hurry her husband or tell him what she wanted to do but at the end she changed a lot. In all the story she wasn’t able to argue with him but she killed him. In my opinion, if she had thought she could have made a better decision so she acted without thinking.